Welcome to the homepage of STS!

Time until next version release:

Game State:

Current Version: 0.5
Download: Mediafire.
Released: November 15th

  • New Editor
  • Added spells
  • Scripting engine implemented
  • Added some new items (shoes, axe)
  • Added a new tileset (castle)
  • New main menu music
  • Revamped the map data structure
  • Website! :D
  • A mob with Aggressive behavior now attacks you on sight
  • There is now a option to set a layer’s tiles to behave like entities (f.ex. you can make a wall that will cover anything behind it and stay under anything in front of it)
  • Slowed down the player a bit
  • Changed the town map (the new one is w.i.p.)
  • Added map bounds for entities and the camera
  • Magma world is removed until i add animated tiles
  • Finally solved the mysterious malloc bug!
  • It is possible now to set the game to fullscreen, but because there is no menu, you can’t change it yet in-game.